Picking the Right Pergola Wilmington NC

Pergolas have taken off in the construction space in the last few years, and for good reason! They are an artistic addition to your outdoor space that can really change the look, feel, and comfort of an area. Their innate artistry means there’s a ton of different materials, styles, and ideas to choose from. It’s important to know what kind works best for you, especially for a pergola Wilmington NC because of the weather and topography.

Right off the bat there’s the choice between a custom design and a standard design pergola. After that there’s materials and then style. Let’s start with the debate between Custom pergolas and standard pergolas Wilmington NC:

Custom Pergolas

If you want your pergola to stand out among the rest, this is the way to go. There is such creativity in the construction of a pergola, it’s makes sense to put your own personal touch on it. We also have our own designers who can help flesh out your idea to make it one of a kind. Going custom allows you to go with almost any design you can think of!

Obviously, going with a full custom build will be more expensive. So, it’s really up to you how much you want your piece to stand out, and what it means to you. With a custom design you can transform a boring space into something incredible. You can let your imagination run free if you go with a custom pergola Wilmington NC.

Standard Pergolas

A standard design doesn’t mean boring! Too often people think going with a preset design means you’re getting something boring. We have a large set of standard designs that will set your yard above the rest. This is a great way to get started sooner and with far less planning.

Not only will the planning phase be shortened, the cost will be as well. Your favorite garden won’t have to wait as long to get its awaited decoration with this option. A set design pergola from Genuine Carpentry is a great addition to any space.


That’s just the start of the decisions for the discerning homeowner though. Obviously, we can help you with any steps in the process and let you know our recommendations but it’s good to do your own research first.

Next you have to decide on the style of Pergola you’re looking for. There seem to be a bunch, but it really boils down to about four styles: sail, open topped, gabled and pitched. Here’s a quick look at each:


This is a really cool way to think about your pergola. A sail pergola uses a similar base to open topped frames but is set up to have a cloth top for when you need more shade.

These are great if you have a spot that stays cool in the spring but gets tons of sun in the summer. The hybrid design also allows for you to stay cooler without closing visibility all the time.

The only issue with these is the fact you have to take the cloth off sometimes. We design them to be fairly easy to remove, but keep in mind it’s still something you have to do. If you don’t mind the little bit of extra work, it can really pay off.

Open topped

These are the perfect way to take advantage of the sun and surrounding area. By far the most common of pergolas as well. Open topped doesn’t mean they don’t offer any shade, just the fact they have no roof.

An open topped pergola is a perfect addition for your garden as a well as your back yard. The designs for open topped pergolas can get very impressive and extensive. The artistry can be clearly seen in these designs.


Think open style porch when you think gabled pergola. These are more often used to cover a patio, connected to your house or larger area. These are also the most likely to have a full roof.

If you have an area that gets battered with sun and you want to utilize more months of the year these are a great idea. They can still be done open topped if you want to keep as much sunlight coming in as possible. If you want a bigger structure these are the way to go. These are great for parks, pools and restaurants as well.


A pitched pergola is common when you’re looking for the large latticed crossed style. These are similar to pavilions and can cover bigger spaces while being free standing.

Whether you have a commercial or residential space these can really add something to the overall aesthetic. With as much sun as we get in North Carolina they are worth looking into. These also are some of the best standard design pergolas.


The last thing, and one of the most important to consider are the materials. This will change the feel of the pergola, alter maintenance strategies, and give a different curb appeal. Hardwood is the most common, with epee and mahogany being a little more expensive. But for a pergola in Wilmington NC it’s hardiness will make it last the test of time and really add beauty to the property. After that you can always use vinyl or steel. Take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of each one:


The most common of all the materials to use. Whether you use mahogany, kiln dried, painted, or epee these are some of the best looking and stunning options. These can be intensely beautiful and really mesh great with either old or new construction. You do have to be careful with Cedar in North Carolina because of the bees and climate. We would highly recommend going with the options listed earlier instead of Cedar.

 Hardwood is a good option for our climate but will take some work. If you want it to look fresh every year some hardwoods require staining or repainting annually. Hardwood is great for almost any design or style. This is by far the most common for Wilmington and a great way to add some flavor to your outdoor space.


Vinyl is one of the easiest upkept materials. This is one of the best features of choosing vinyl over the other options. The variety of colors has also exploded in the last few years, you can get anything from natural looking colors to more unconventional options.

Vinyl can get hot in the summer but you don’t touch pergolas much, so it isn’t a huge issue. When you think of vinyl think of things like Trex materials. This material is also pretty flexible in terms of design and style. It’s hard to go wrong with vinyl whether it be a deck, porch or pergola.


 Steel pergolas in Wilmington NC are very durable and have a great industrial look. These can be a great addition for commercial properties like restaurants, pools and offices.

Often the designs and styles for steel pergolas are somewhat limited when compared with hardwood or vinyl. They require little to no upkeep and can give your outdoor space a very unique and interesting feel.


A custom pergola is a great addition to any garden or yard and it really can be a point of pride for years to come. Every one of the materials and styles has its own benefits but we’ll consult with you to make the best fit for your space. Our expert designers work with you to plan the perfect piece no matter what materials, style or design you choose. See what the community thinks about us!

Now that your armed with some knowledge it’s time to start planning! As you well know, we get plenty of warmth and sunshine to make use your pergola in Wilmington NC all year round, but it wouldn’t hurt to have it ready by the summer.

Call us today for a hassle-free estimate and design consultation. We look forward to making your Pergola dreams come true. You can also see all of our services by clicking here: Genuine Carpentry Services

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