Five features for the perfect porch Wilmington NC

A porch Wilmington NC is a must for almost every home! With so much sun and incredible weather it would be almost unimaginable to own a home without one. North Carolina has some of the best weather for outside activities, so we always balance the functionality of your space with the beauty of the project.

However, not all porches were created equal. With something you’re going to be using so often you want it to fit your space and exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking to add value to a current porch, that’s a little lacking, or adding a totally new fixture there’s four main things you should consider for our area. See what the community thinks about our porches.

1) Design to fit your unique space

This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Just because you saw something on another house does not mean it’s going to work for you. Obviously, you can take inspiration from other projects, but just know your space may add limitations or open up new avenues of design. Our expert designers are all about giving you the best possible project for your area. Even if it means a smaller, more functional porch, that means less money for us.

If you have the area for it a wraparound porch Wilmington NC is a classic look that utilizes as much outdoor space as possible. Again though, this is where your house is special, do you have a waterfront view on one side? A neighbor-less view on the other? Sometimes the natural limitation/positioning is more telling of the design than any other factor.

No matter what you choose to go with, always keep in mind the surroundings and how you can best utilize the space. Don’t let the idea of another project deter you from your one of a kind porch.

2) What do you want to do with the porch?

Why get a project if you don’t know why you want it? With so many unique features available for porches in Wilmington, make sure you optimize your dream. We work with you to design your dream porch.

Do you want a space where you can hang out 24/7? Or are you looking for a porch to serve family meals on? Reading a book with your coffee or cocktail while looking over the water sounds pretty amazing to me! A full outdoor kitchen is a great way to not only enjoy the space day to day, but also have a cookout and meal all while enjoying the outside with your friends and family.

If you can really put a goal in mind before starting a project it really makes the whole thing run smoother and easier.

3) What style of porch to pick?

There are four major designs of porches to consider: wrap around, screened in, open concept and front porch. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The wrap around porch takes advantage of every view your house has and can be a truly immaculate addition to any home. These are going to be some of the most expensive and if you don’t have a large outdoor space this may not be for you.

Screened in porches in Wilmington NC are good because we can have a fair share of bugs. These can be combined with a lot of other styles but don’t offer quite the views of an open style porch. You just have to weigh how much you want to keep the outside out while enjoying your space.

Open concept offers the best views and still offer tons of shade and make a great place to hang out. These are often cheaper because you don’t have to add the screening but can still be stand out pieces. The obvious con of these are the bugs are free to enter. Not that it gets to crazy with bugs just know the possibility is more than that of a screened in porch.

Lastly are front porches. These tend to be a little smaller than back porches, but that doesn’t mean it has to. If your house has a beautiful front lawn, why not enjoy it all the time? Even a little front porch can transform the front of your house and make guests feel welcome. Our designers are experts at maximizing the space to bring you artistry and practicality.

4) Type of Materials to use

Hardwood, painted and vinyl are the most common and best choices. No matter the style you pick the materials stay the same. Hardwood is the most common and requires just little maintenance. This is a perfect choice if like the look and feel of natural wood and are willing to do a little staining every now and then. Woods range from epee, Mahogany, and kiln dried. Our designers have dozens of years in choosing materials perfect for your job and will help with the selection.

Painted is very similar to hardwood in terms of look, maintenance and design. This is a great way to tie the porch in with your existing home and keep a unified look. The maintenance for this is easy with new paint being needed every couple of years.

Vinyl is the easiest upkeep option. With all the new color options coming out now days you also won’t be limited in terms of palate. Vinyl is a great way to have a stunning piece with very little upkeep. The products are improving every year and you can have a real wood look while still going with Vinyl.

A porch Wilmington NC is a great way to add value, aesthetic beauty and practicality to any home. With so many great views and such amazing weather a porch will make your house all the more incredible.

If you want a porch or any other exterior renovation check out our full list of services!

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