Five railing choices for your deck

Traditional railings vs newer options for decks Wilmington NC

There are countless designs for railings but there are five major styles to choose from. The choice generally comes down to what overall look you’re going aiming to achieve and how much maintenance you’re up for. With so many great views surroundings our area, taking advantage of a newer style of railing can really unlock your view.

For decks Wilmington NC you can really create a beautiful aesthetic with any of these railing choices. Our designers will work with you to unlock your space’s true potential and make every piece feel like one of a kind. Let’s take a look at the differences in each type of railing.

Traditional wood or Azek

A great asset of using traditional materials is you can really unlock the design of your railings. The materials can be arranged in many different ways and custom designs can be built into different sections of the deck.

Wood railing deck

If you have an older house sometimes this is the best option to blend in. Keep in mind though, if you go with wood over Azek, you will have to stain it every year or so to keep it looking fresh.

Decks Wilmington NC have a great vibe when the railings are built with two colors of Azek. With the rail itself as one color and the handrail as another, it really stands out and makes a striking scene. Our design team can help you choose which colors best blend with your house and how to contrast.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with this option. It offers tons of diversity in design choice and makes for a striking deck. 

Cable Rail

Cable rails are a great alternative and give any decks Wilmington NC an awesome feel and look. Not only are they cool in design, they really open up the view from the deck. They are much less obtrusive to the eye than a traditional wood railing.

They do limit the overall design of the railing slightly and basically are fit to a couple of looks. That doesn’t mean that look isn’t amazing, just know it’s not changing a ton. For maintenance they are pretty low key, other than tightening the cables every now and then, other than that you don’t have to do much.

These give your house a very cool feel and blend with beach houses perfectly. Don’t overlook this interesting option when you live near the water of any kind.


This is an interesting option when you want full view of your surroundings. For a beach house it can give you full access of the ocean, no matter where you are on your deck in Wilmington NC.

Cleaning the glass can be a bit of a hassle but you won’t get better views than this option. Other than cleaning the glass the upkeep is very small on this type of railing.

Wire Mesh

Mesh is a great option that combines aesthetics, low upkeep, and views. This design can give your deck and railings a very cool industrial chic look. It’s not one of the most popular options and can help set your deck apart from the rest.

For maintenance it doesn’t get much easier than metal! I really like the idea as a similar feel to balusters but with a more defined feel.

All said, this is an interesting way to think about your railing and a way to set yours apart from the rest. It does lend to a very certain aesthetic though, so be sure you like the look before committing.

Aluminum Balusters

For decks Wilmington NC this option can produce a very interesting look. It takes a traditional look and adds that slight touch of industrial feel to make a great looking coastal deck. The baluster has been in use for a long time and blends well with new or old construction.

Aluminum Baluster deck

These hold up to the elements very well and require little to no maintenance. They will block the view slightly more than cable or Plexiglas but are an overall great option!

No matter which design you choose our expert designers will work with you to pick the best options and what’s right for your house. You can contact us here to set up a hassle-free consultation today. We would love to help you turn your exterior dreams into a reality. Or you can see what the community is saying about us here.

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