Our Paint Partner, Benjamin Moore Wilmington

Benjamin Moore Wilmington

Partnering with the best!

We want to make your exterior dreams a reality, every project. We can only achieve that by having the best partners in the business. And our paint partner is one of the best in the game! We use the Benjamin Moore Wilmington branch for all of our paint needs. They provide the best paints, seals, and caulk to keep your project looking amazing for years to come.

It’s not only their extreme quality we choose them for either. They provide a level of customer support that is unmatched in the industry. Our goal of partnering with the best is just an extension of our main goal, giving you the best outdoor experience possible. At Genuine Carpentry, we work with you to help your dreams come true. We’ve been in this industry long enough to guide you to what’s best for your home without altering your dreams.

Why we use Benjamin Moore Wilmington

Benjamin Moore, as an overall company, has over a hundred scientists on staff continually looking to make improvements on their product. They have made continual jumps in the paint game and are always on the cutting edge of exterior paint. They have eight research and development laboratories in Flanders, New Jersey. Each lab focuses on a different area of expertise, from evaluating color standards to enhancing high-performance coatings. They continually test and improve existing products, while researching and developing new products for your exterior spaces.

Next obvious question is, How can paint made better? Benjamin Moore Wilmington makes it simple, The better the resins and colorants, the better the paint. They manufacture their own resins to ensure the best quality every time. On top of that, they create their own colorants to make the most accurate color palate and keep the color as you imagined it. Lastly, if you need more reasons why they are awesome! They eliminated all lead, mercury, and formaldehyde years before the federal government mandated it. They look out for their customers’ best interest, if they see a way to improve your experience, they are going to take it.

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Their paints and styles

They have colors ranging every gambit of human sight. If you like a color, they have it. Our design experts will work with you to find the best ways to tie in your existing home and give you a new feel. If you want to keep everything the same Benjamin Moore has the paint on hand to match perfectly with your home.

Because they remove the meddling chemicals from the paint, you know exactly what the finished product will be. The removal of those chemicals means you get a long lasting and true color. The color you pick out with our designers will be exactly that, the color you pick. Not some random offshoot of the idea. Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect color.

Protect your exterior with the best looking

Benjamin Moore Wilmington focuses on exterior paints. Why go somewhere that doesn’t focus on your project? With us, you know we will secure you the best-looking paints that will keep your project safe for years to come. Think about it logically, we don’t want to have to come and repair or repaint anything, so why would we use a paint that fades or doesn’t keep the job safe?

We want to work with you to make this project happen. We align ourselves with your best interest to make for a smooth and fun project.

Make your exterior dreams come true

We want to help you realize your exterior dreams today! Our expert designers would love to see your home and help your project blossom to life. Give us a call at (910) 547-3480 today to get your hassle-free quote or contact us here.

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