The Best Types of Decks in Wilmington, NC

Aluminum Baluster deck

Have you been wondering what is the best kind of decks in Wilmington, NC? Let’s take a look at some of the options. According to Remodeling Magazine, adding a deck offers over a 70% ROI. That makes this the perfect time to make your dream deck a reality! Here are a few of the different types of decks for you to choose from…

Wraparound Decks Wilmington, NC


Wraparound decks are becoming more and more popular as homeowners are looking for ways to add usable exterior space to their homes. They also happen to be a superb way to enjoy all of the views and space your property has to offer. They are especially popular in areas with breathtaking views (such as those that Wilmington has to offer). All the additional space they provide makes entertaining guests easier than ever!

This type of deck is similar to the southern classic that is the wraparound porch which we all love. Where they differ is in size and variation. Wraparound decks can easily be larger and, occasionally, room-like. They also have a tendency to be elevated to give you a more commanding view of your property. You can even enhance a wraparound deck by combining them with a multi-tier deck design.

Multi-Tier Decks Wilmington, NC

Mult-tier decks a great for creating different spaces in your home’s exterior. Maybe you want a cozy, covered area to read a book while looking out over the water or maybe a bigger space to smoke your ribs for that perfect summer barbeque. With a multi-tier deck, you have the option to have both and more besides. They also offer a smooth transition between your home and property. 

Multi-tier decks are the perfect deck for large properties. Especially if the property has many differing elevations. These different levels are generally connected with steps or winding paths. If you have a particularly uneven property, they might be your only option…Luckily, a well-designed multi-tier deck carries a strong visual appeal making it the envy of all your neighbors. 

Attached Decks Wilmington, NC

Wood railing deck

When most people visualize a deck, the attached deck is probably what they’re imagining. They are very similar to the standard patio except that they are generally made out of wood (or wood composite) and raised up off the ground. They’re a great way to add some additional outdoor living space to your home making them perfect for smaller homes or those with smaller properties. They also provide easy access to the home from your yard. Best of all, you can add a pergola to take your deck to the next level!

Detached Decks Wilmington, NC

Looking for a little island away from the main patio area but aren’t interested in a gazebo? Detached decks might be exactly what you’re looking for! They are great to put on that bumpy or rocky area that you’re sick of mowing around or that area of poor drainage that’s always getting turned into a muddy mess. Detached decks are also a wonderful way to add that above ground pool you’ve been considering but are worried about being an eyesore. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they’re frequently easy to get installed and have a lower entry cost than other decks either!

Rooftop/Over-Garage Decks Wilmington, NC

The deck with easily the most luxurious feel is the rooftop deck. Imagine sitting on top of your house with a commanding view of your entire property enjoying a beautiful summer evening with a few good friends. That is what you’ll have to look forward to if you go with a rooftop deck.

Rooftop decks offer an astounding ~150% resale value! This is because of a number of factors. The most obvious of them is how stunning they are, but there are a few more technical reasons. They are generally the trickiest option of the lot, and you’ll definitely want to hire a professional to make it as easy as possible for you.

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The Best Types of Decks for Wilmington, NC

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