Getting to Know Genuine Carpentry

Genuine Carpentry Owners

Genuine Carpentry got its start in 1990 and has been running strong ever since. As an organization we have over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry. We are a locally owned business in Wilmington NC, managed by Chris and Michele Pasch, both award winning executives. We bring an artistic view to the world of carpentry that will set your project apart.

Our only goal is to bring you the highest quality projects and turn your exterior renovation dreams into reality, whether that be residential or commercial.

What started out as learning a trade, has turned into a passion for us at Genuine Carpentry. Every one of our crew members is handpicked by Chris to be the best in the field. We adhere to the highest standards of building, with quality our top priority. No job is considered complete without Chris’ seal of approval.

Doing Business the Right Way

In a world of instant gratification, we do things a little differently. Our aim is to build lasting relationships with all our customers. Instead of you always having to look for new contractors when you need something done, you can trust us to get the job done right every time. We combine the ideas of artistry and practicality into every project.

Simply, we want to shine bright through the din of confusion and give you the best encounter possible.

We are fully insured, carry workman’s comp, general liability insurance and use our own crews for everything. When you sign up with Genuine Carpentry you know what you’re getting. You don’t have to worry about subpar crews being called in at the last minute to rush through the job. We take pride in our expert crews and train each and every employee to our tremendous standards. Every employee is a high-level carpenter right here in Wilmington NC. 

If you choose us over the competition, you know you’ll be getting true excellence. We believe in getting the job done right, the first time. This sometimes is a little more expensive upfront, but for the discerning homeowner or business, it saves you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Too often people undercut the price thinking it helps everyone, but the homeowner is the one who really takes the hit. There’s no point to get a pergola, deck, outdoor kitchen, sunroom, or patio in Wilmington NC if it’s not going to be awesome. We have so much time to enjoy the outdoors here, you might as well make your outdoor space something you’ll love for years to come. Decks Wilmington NC can transform your backyard or garden.

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Knowing Whose Working at Your Home

We understand what it’s like having people you don’t know at your home and why that can be hard. That’s why we only entrust our crews to the most experienced and trustworthy employees.

Our lead Carpenter, Juan Ramos has been working with Chris and Genuine Carpentry for over 20 years! He started working with us way back when he was in his late teens and has become a truly valuable part of Genuine Carpentry. Through the years he has proven himself to be a trustworthy, efficient, and a great carpenter.

He is the main lead on many projects and understands our level of quality to a tee. He is very attentive to the homeowner’s needs and will make sure your project is completed to the highest standards. Between him and Chris, you know every project will fulfill your exterior dreams.

A Pillar In The Community

The community is exceedingly important to everyone on the team. We do our best to work with sustainable materials, conduct fundraisers for the community, and help people wherever we can.

We believe in the strength of our community and want to see everyone strive.

Having traveled the country extensively Chris and Michele have made Wilmington their home. The beauty of the coast, its people and culture struck them greatly and they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. They settled to North Carolina back in 2002 and have been helping the community ever since. They have brought tricks of the trade from all over back to the area.

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Passing the skills onto the next generation of workers is highly important in Genuine Carpentry. We want the legacy of your exterior space to live on and the carpentry trade to flourish. We want to make you a project we can both be proud of. Making changes to your home can be confusing and wracked with issues. We take that hassle out of the process. We want nothing more than to transform your exterior area into a one of a kind living space.

We’re here to help you enjoy your home, everyday!

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